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Matthew Camp

The Twisted, Beautiful World of the Beautifully Twisted Matthew Camp


Smells like really good sex

The Summer is the best time for my fragrance 8.5 it smells much more sexy with a little sweat mixed in. and even better when you work up a sweat having some intense sex.


here are a couple of pics too intense for Instagram

matt ass88



Having some fun with Colton Grey and 8.5 Fragrance


Getting to the good stuff soaked in 8.5


Somehow my pants are always coming off

here is a quote from a great review:

“I’m a fragrance aficionado – particularly when it comes down to anything darker, musky and rich whether it is Tom Ford’s Oud Wood, Tobacco Vanille, Marc Jacobs’ BANG or anything by Robert Piguet Fracas, so when I first experienced 8.5 (at 4am in New York last week) my mind was blown. The oil-based scent varies tantamount from person to person and acts as a genuine aphrodisiac tapping into the (im)purity of humanity. It’s almost beyond description.”

8.5 Review From: http://karlismyunkle.com



Meet My Boyfriend “Champ”

image4I am in Love with my Truck

We go everywhere together. He’s Strong, Rugged and Stylish. He’s got Power and Stamina and always gets me where I have to go

1986 Dodge Ram


image5 image6 image8 image11 image12 image13 image14 image15 image16 image17 image1 image3

matt ins6

8.5 all the way with Colton Grey


Having some fun with my good friend Colton Grey

wear some 8.5 and know what this is all about and get yourself into some fun trouble

matt ins6


transbottlewebsite copy 3

Transgression is complex. Sleek and savory with hints of anise, rubber, and power. The scent is designed to stimulate your imagination and activate your wild side.

Inspired by actress, model, and transsexual adult star Bailey Jay, Transgression is an omnisexual spiritual experience made by Matthew Camp.

“Bailey Jay is a complete powerhouse. Sexy, smart, sophisticated, and pure adult. Making this fragrance was a just an unavoidable and natural process. I want to turn my experience of Bailey into an experience that everyone can enjoy.” – Matthew Camp


Tattoo Time

tatt blog

It’s getting to be that time of the year when clothes come off (in public) and that means new tattoos

I have some open appointment times so hit me up and I will set you up!

lauren back copysix hands

Butt, One More Thing

butt shot march 2014 copyJust a random collection of Butt shots, Enjoy

MATT CAMP-67dec161taking snakebutt

and if this has you turned on, buy a bottle of 8.5

it’s like having sex with me!

8.5 bottle

Better Late Than Never

pantsWorking late tonight updating MATTHEW CAMP DESIGNS website but I wanted to share a pic of me in a more casual mode. Lots of new stuff coming out this summer: Expanded line of 8.5 body care including hand made Black Volcanic Salt Soaps and a LUBE! so keep your eyes and nose open

tatt blog8.5 bottle

Ga Ga a Go Go

395929_10150654470402642_113984287641_11588347_1610059387_nGoing to see Lady GaGa tonight so I am going through some past club looks for inspiration

matthew copmatthewcockor maybe I will go naked except for my 8.5

New Post Every Day in April

getgomex1I will be attempting to post a new blog every day in April (let’s see how this goes)

Here are some pics from my trip to Guadalajara Mexico to promote my movie GETTING GO

Expect a lot more nearly naked (and naked) pics as it has begun to warm up in NYC and I don’t like to keep my clothes on when it does


and of course as always I am busy filling orders and working on new designs

matt ins6

Great Article (about me) in the Huffington Post (NSFW)


The Huffington Post ran a great article/interview about me and here is the link  Huffington Post Article

special thanks to Philip M. Miner for writing it and for being a charming interviewer

oh and it features a nice NSFW  gallery!

and here are a few more pics of me just because

matt206butt shot march 2014 copy

and also check my fragrance 8.5

matt ins6



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