8.5 reviewed on “Karl is my Uncle” blog

matt 8.5
Introducing 8.5 – A Fragrance by Matthew Camp

Dubbed as “a unique sexy, dirty fragrance that is activated by a man’s natural scent, creating a hypnotic, narcotic essence that people will crawl across the room to get closer to” might sound contrived, but it literally is the case with 8.5 by Matthew Camp. I’m a fragrance aficionado – particularly when it comes down to anything darker, musky and rich whether it is Tom Ford’s Oud Wood, Tobacco Vanille, Marc Jacobs’ BANG or anything by Robert Piguet Fracas, so when I first experienced 8.5 (at 4am in New York last week) my mind was blown. The oil-based scent varies tantamount from person to person and acts as a genuine aphrodisiac tapping into the (im)purity of humanity. It’s almost beyond description. Watch the NSFW campaign film below which only begins to give you a taste of what you can expect. You can order online here.

karl  Karl is my Uncle

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