Hello happy Campers!!

I wanted to talk about my sophomore fragrance, transgression. I love this smell and always get huge compliments whenever I wear it. Making it was a natural evolution from 8.5. Designed to smell like the polyurethane of a dildo was definitely the goal from the beginning . I love seeing the roles and rules of gender and sexuality to be transgressed and transcended . That is why I made Transgression to smell like a brand new dildo. It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl, if you have a dildo you can fuck yourself, and whomever else you want, as much as you want. With a thick rubbery start and deep spicy finish, transgression is sure to hit exactly the right note every single time.

For a limited time please enjoy this special gift from me to you!


Matthew Camp

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Get on my 8.5 NOW!

matt 8.5I am getting low on available stock on my 8.5 fragrance and will not have more in  stock until after NYC Pride, so if you want to smell like Hot Leather Sex get up on my 8.5  NOW!


8.5 bottle

8.5 THE FRAGRANCE BY MATTHEW CAMP from Matthew Camp on Vimeo.

Tonight (Thursday Jan, 10) at EASTERN BLOC 505 East 6th st btwn A and B

Come party with me tonight at EASTERN BLOC, It’s gonna get freaky……………and very very Dirty!

EASTERN BLOC 505 East 6th st btwn A and B