Hello happy Campers!!

I wanted to talk about my sophomore fragrance, transgression. I love this smell and always get huge compliments whenever I wear it. Making it was a natural evolution from 8.5. Designed to smell like the polyurethane of a dildo was definitely the goal from the beginning . I love seeing the roles and rules of gender and sexuality to be transgressed and transcended . That is why I made Transgression to smell like a brand new dildo. It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl, if you have a dildo you can fuck yourself, and whomever else you want, as much as you want. With a thick rubbery start and deep spicy finish, transgression is sure to hit exactly the right note every single time.

For a limited time please enjoy this special gift from me to you!


Matthew Camp

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I’m ready to get freaky !!


Welcome to my newest adventure in nightlife.  This is MY party, FREAK  created by Blake Tysinger, and Myself as a cure for the mundane and typical party. We are working directly with the management of G Lounge to give NYC the nightlife experience it craves and needs.  This Party will occur every Thursday and bring with it a new theme every week…… Muscle Gods, Scenester Freaks, Drag Superstars and the Hottest D.J.’s working the scene