Hello happy Campers!!

I wanted to talk about my sophomore fragrance, transgression. I love this smell and always get huge compliments whenever I wear it. Making it was a natural evolution from 8.5. Designed to smell like the polyurethane of a dildo was definitely the goal from the beginning . I love seeing the roles and rules of gender and sexuality to be transgressed and transcended . That is why I made Transgression to smell like a brand new dildo. It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl, if you have a dildo you can fuck yourself, and whomever else you want, as much as you want. With a thick rubbery start and deep spicy finish, transgression is sure to hit exactly the right note every single time.

For a limited time please enjoy this special gift from me to you!


Matthew Camp

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Butt, One More Thing

butt shot march 2014 copyJust a random collection of Butt shots, Enjoy

MATT CAMP-67dec161taking snakebutt

and if this has you turned on, buy a bottle of 8.5

it’s like having sex with me!

8.5 bottle

Better Late Than Never

pantsWorking late tonight updating MATTHEW CAMP DESIGNS website but I wanted to share a pic of me in a more casual mode. Lots of new stuff coming out this summer: Expanded line of 8.5 body care including hand made Black Volcanic Salt Soaps and a LUBE! so keep your eyes and nose open

tatt blog8.5 bottle

Porn Stars Love My 8.5

matt pornWho knows what sex should smell like more than porn stars?   Here is a sample of the twitter conversations between some of my favorite stars about my 8.5 fragrance

matt ins6and here of some new pics of me getting my body ready for some upcoming NSFW pics


Get Matthew Camp’s 8.5 under your Christmas Tree

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Just a note that if you want my 8.5 for Christmas you must order by 5 pm on Thursday December 19th !!!

We ship via USPS Priority Mail

This applies to all domestic addresses

So hurry up and get on my 8.5 !

Oh and here are a couple of random shots of me at home. Enjoy!


Fragrance Notes: 8.5

matt ins6

Here is a professional breakdown of 8.5 Fragrance I think this will help explain the actual scent

8.5 has been compared to Tom Ford’s Oud Wood, Tobacco Vanille, Marc Jacobs’ BANG or anything by Robert Piguet Fracas,

8.5 fragrance notes

Leather:  A proprietary blend of fragrance oils that recreate the essence of modern leather, invoking the essence of fetish gear or motorcycle jackets.

Coconut: a mixed blend of coconut and Tahitian vanilla that sweetens and deepens with wear. Giving a warm and sensual mid-note that offsets the hard top notes of the Black Leather.

Rare Woods: A secret blend of exotic woods that include Cedars, Balsam and Cypress. These oils are very therapeutic and soothe and heal the skin as well as give 8.5 it’s deep natural base notes

These fragrance oils are sourced from all over the world and some are aged over 2 years to increase the depth and complexity of the scent.

The design concept was to create a fragrance that invoked a highly masculine and intensely sexual scent that adapted to the individual wearing it.

Beyond the novel packaging, the scent itself is a sophisticated fragrance that responds to the wearer’s natural body chemistry and creates a lingering evocative essence.

Notes:  Masculine, Sexual, Clean, Earthy, Hypnotic, Modern, and Youthful